I am like Jesus now

Born as the only Son of the great eternal King Became the wisdom, Light & ┬áHis Ring Looked down upon me with Love & Care You took the position of an humble worker Carrying all His treasure in you and became the quechable daylight dew Gave yourself for me & became one with me The […]

“Father” I Trust You

In the hours of my darkness, I sat & Wailed The world around me knows nothing of it I felt at some point, God doesn’t cares about me anymore Fearing the wrath & Curses of Exodus has came upon me Not to know where to start, I stood waiting for your guidance I heard no […]

His Plans

Fire that burns will never hurts Seldom goes off when brothers flirts Could walked the desert chained as slave And gifted to the Lions cave Serving cups for your daily bread! Never loosen your Faith – that’s your net His plans for you will never change For, He is the great “I AM” for all […]


For a long time you been like a Widow Now hovers above you is His Shadow It could be little that you have brought But the Great One always sees your heart Though you sowed your seeds with tears He has risen, to cast all your fears Until now it’s He you trust And for […]

Song of Freedom

No more like a Slave I feel “Life*” has slaved my Achylus Heel** (*= Jesus, **= weakness/death) Its You who gave me the heaven’s Birth Right Will always hold it with thy Holy Might Father, You freed┬áme from the enemy’s might And made me live in Your day Light I’ll sing this freedom all my […]