His ways are Miraculous!

As usual I was proceeding with my Sunday full-day fasting while I was doing my college 3rd yr(2006).

I was praying and I saw a vision in which a fore-hand I would call it. Came and touched my lips with is index finger and heard the bible verse given to Prophet Jeremiah “See, I have put my words in you mouth …”. Then I saw a crown came and settled on head. Immediately after that a double-edged sword came from above and as I was raising my hands toward the heaven, the sword came and settled on my hands. With faith I received it with my whole heart and placed it over my side as a soldier places it. I had no idea what is these all about. I was just 21yrs and all alone unable to share or get advice to such stuffs. I kept it over my heart and thanked God for giving me a vision. Its was a gift to me, like a gift for my fasting as I do it regularly.

In later days, I came to know that God was sharing His plans about my future and His Plans He kept for my Life. Those college days especially the final year was like the “Alice in wonderland”. I had no one, but, by me was God’s own Son. I thank God now for His Grace. He has given me such experiences even though I was not well aware of is values.

He plants seeds of His plans for our future, even though we are not capable of its potential. He loves us and so He trusts us and invests all He has for us in our beginning stage, He invest His power in me to help other. In later days I was able to interpret dreams and receive prophecy for others along with many other little stuffs that made a great positive impact on peoples  and friends around me.

He loved me, trusted me and invested His gifts in me even when I was just like a kid. His ways of working in our life helps many other to fulfill His purpose  and plans for Us.




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