The Anointing of Me

Years back perhaps  9 yrs it could be when I was doing my 2nd yr at College, I was reading the magazine of Jesus Redeems and found Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus’ experience on how John the Baptist came and anointed him. I was very much happy reading it and felt a little sad that it will only happen to such chosen vessels. That Sunday while I was worshiping God in a fellowship meeting. I saw a person in fury brown cloth holding a horn filled with some kind of denser oil in it in his right and a staff in his left arm. He came towards me and poured it over my head and the oil flowed all over my body.  I felt wet all over my body because of the oil poured upon me. Suddenly I opened my eyes and sensed I saw a vision. But All my body was wet with sweat though I was kneeling down for just a few minutes. At first I didn’t got what has happened, but later the Holy Spirit made me understand about the thought I had when I read the magazine. God sent John the Baptist in a vision and has anointed me.

I believe, we as believers of Christ were destined for greatness. We are a model of Christ in this world to lead  people in darkness to Light in a unique way that has been chosen by Christ Himself for us. I found the way that Christ has chosen for me with His help and I’m enjoying it. For, its a way that makes me feel who I am in Christ.

Shiyam George




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