Out of My body at Jammu, India May, 2014

We were a team of about 120 members went to Jammu to stage the Life History of Jesus in Hindi Language. Its a long 2.5 days journey from Chennai to Jammu via Andaman Express train.  Before departing , I wished God if its possible and if I’m qualified, that He would give me a out-of-body experience like a Christian Minister I have heard. Nothing happened till arriving to Jammu. And I forgot about my wish for more other things bugged me trying to take out of me the God given Peace. But they lost the battle.  Its on Sunday (25-5-2014) out team went to a CNI Church at Jammu. While the church sang a song I felt the presence of God flowing over the church and as usual I sat calmly feeling the presence of the Lord putting both my hands upon my laps , palms facing upwards and closed my eyes saying, “Lord, I receive your Touch in Jesus Name”. And then,

When I opened my eyes, I wondered where I was standing. I was standing on a huge cloud of pure white and milky color (I can’t explain it). I saw angels singing the same kind of song, when a thought came to me to count the angels fear grabbed me. It was a lot more to count like stars. Then I closed my eyes casually  for the blink and opened them. I saw the church and members singing. I can’t understand what has happened. I thought its a kind of vision I have ever seen. The day passed with completing our ministry and by next day when I got up, thoughts  about this experience came back and the Holy Spirit explained me that God has Heard my wish. I was out of my body about 15-30 seconds.

Out of this experience, I felt how much God loves me. I thought, its hard to get such experience. Only the big boys have such privileges. It is not about our Holiness or dedication. But His Love for us is far more greater than any of our deeds.

Dear friend If you feel, that you can’t live a holy life. Start feeling His Love for you. For His Love you is much more greater than yours for Him. His Grace endures. His Love sustains. You have been saved not by your deeds But by His love for You. Start understanding His love for you.




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