Wisdom of God

Wisdom of God is a great wonder to me and to everyone. I have seen in the film how the Red Sea splits itself showing a way to the Israelites.

Also God sent an army of bees among the army of Philistines and made Israelites win the war.

Pots and Horns used by Gideon to win a war of thousands of Soldiers with just 300 Israelite Men (Technically all of them are not warriors).

The water canals in the desert seemed like a stream of blood when reflecting Sun rays in the morning brought victory to Israel army bearing the Lord’s Promise “The Lord will fight your Battle, and you will be in Rest”

God’s Wisdom is like enjoying a cup of tea, in a evening watching the sun set, in peace, feeling loved and protected. Though they are simple they do immense changes in out heart and into our own Life.

So Be at Peace in trusting Him, He will do your hard work with a wink of His Eyes in no time.




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