Song of All Songs – A Proposal

The Book Song of all Songs represents an intimate relation that God likes to have with us. We are one with God, seated in heavenly places through our faith in Christ Jesus.

The Essence of this book is Love itself. Song of all the Songs means “The Theme of all Songs”. Its “Love” the theme of all songs whether its a song on joy, sadness etc. So lets see what does Love really means from literal view

As for me Love= Light of Valuable Energy as the Scholars say. For we are energy/spiritual beings in human body. For God told the sources to created themselves the creations he ordered. He asked the earth to create all kinds of plants, trees and fruits and their seeds. He asked the water to create itself to create all kinds of fished and all the creatures in it. But to created man He talked to Himself that is the source of our origin. He created a Human  body from mud and filled it with this God-like being in it. So this human body become a living soul.

Define Love: “Love is an Expression of a Relation” you like to have with someone or something

When we talk about LOVE for me its two kind:

  1. Love of God

The Book Song of Songs explains clearly what intimate that God wants with us. You could feel it when you understand the essence of this Book. The verses:

Won’t you dance with me
Oh Lover of My Soul
To the Song of all Songs

is literally a proposal of Love / Marriage.

2.  Love of Man

Family Relations: A love that comes naturally for you belong to them by bloodline or something like that

Friendship: Comes with a better understanding of each others world includes respect on each other’s background of growth, interest, talents & more

Marriage: Though have the same traits of friendship. It adds INTIMACY a core feature. The couples know each other completely and respect who he/she is with all positive and negative traits.

The first two kind of Love, you could possibly understand without much explanation. But the later you would understand only if you are married.

This  is the Love relation that God has for us or for the church.

In the above quote verse, God asks the church to join Him in a intimate relationship that we can be one with Him even in the living days of this earth.

Shiyam George




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