You hold the fishing line of God’s Blessing

Most of my friends and well wishers do not know much about my life with God for I mostly keep it safe within a small circle of people.

Days were too challenging for I quit my Job as a Team Lead from a BPO and avoid most of best job offers in top brands then and started my business an online marketing firm for Christian gifts and fashion. It was 27th March 2015, end of the day before sleep I use to pray and read my bible as I do when the days starts.  I was conversing with God in the place I resided sharing everything in my heart. It was about my need in all the area of my life and I waited 3 months for now and God lead me safely. I trusted in God’s faithfulness and slept. It was a peaceful sleep even without a penny for the next day food, when I got up a vision just crossed my mind and I grabbed it.

In the vision myself as a young boy (29 yrs now) holding a fishing line and a fish of good size  to carry is hooked in the fishing line.

I understood that’s a reply for my prayer/lamentation on the previous night. I normally don’t think too much, I asked God for its meaning, no response then. But when I was planning the day the Holy Spirit revealed the first step of the vision, that the need of that day is in my control. I wondered what could it be and then came the understanding that a guy owed me some money that I gave him a long back and I forgot all about it for months. And then my need has been met.

Likewise, most of the time in our life we hold the fishing line of blessing which a God has already prepared for us. But when we fail to listen to this soft voice of the Holy Spirit we loosen the line. But do not panic, if God marks the blessing with our name it will still be our’s till when we are able to listen to the soft voice of His Spirit.




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