Evg.Philip Parameshwar

Parameshwar-Testimony-1-202x300Philip was born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Calcutta as the last son. He was very studious, a mimic & a singer.  Working at U.S. Consulate, Calcutta he earned around Rs. 50,000/m in 1980s.  Later been addicted to drinking and Gambling lost his peace of mind and lost his job as well before of 1st Gulf war in 1992.

His situation became bad to worse people washing hands on him. Feeling nowhere to go and nothing to hope he tried a suicide attempt which gave a negative result, an unusal result that changed his life. He saw Jesus with his own eyes, touching him with His right Hands, He disappeared.

He accepted Christ and started following Him. About 10 years of shelterless, rejected by everyone category, even by His fellow ministers in Ministry, he was blown like hay. This is not a graduate who worked in a Consulate with multiple language proficiency and talents has to go through. But God is always with him. He crossed that Egypt road and been a blessing and right now been blessed with a family and doing His ministry joyfully.

God uses him in different ways, for different peoples in different standard and places of Life.

I Shiyam George saw his tribulations for almost 8 years.

CONTACT Philip @ +918056754679 /+91 9710572608




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