Home remedy for Gas Problem

Hi Guys, normally we do have gas problem. How can we know or confirm it. If you feel you have obesity problem but your gut or stomach is stubborn even when its seems bulged, then you have a gas problem. This also results in pain in various areas of your body according to your age. You will be using tables for a long time.

But this can be taken care with simple
food items at your home. I tried this myself for a month and got best result. All you have to do is take a piece or teeth of Garlic, crush it and make it ready. Then take a cup of luke warm or warm water and add just exactly a drop of lemon and set it ready.

Now just like taking a tablet put the crushed garlic in your mouth and drink the lemoned arm water. This is to be taken in empty stomach in early morning only. I tried it for a month and got best result from breathing problem of bulged stomach. And this is a local food culture of our region shared by my Granny. It worked right!

So now try it and share your experience.




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