Jesudin Sylvester

Pas. Jesudin The Father's House

Pas. Jesudin Sylvester, an engineer-turned-pastor. His Church ‘The Father’s House’ located at OMR, Chennai is like a sanctuary to experience the unconditional love of our Father-God. He is been pastoring nearly a decade for now with a branch at Coimbatore.

  His teaching goes ways back to the real gospel freeing us from the Slavery of Religion. Also helps in experiencing the unconditional love of Father-God for ourself and make us feel ourself the Son-ship given to us through the anointing of the Holy spirit by the Father-God.

There are many conspiracies and rumors spreading over his teachings among the teachers and they spread the same. As for me I would say He is trying to convey that both Spirituality and Science are two eyes of our Living as Albert Einstein stated “Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind” I would replace Religion as Spirituality here.

And moreover He not just preaches but lives it and I am witness to it.

The Father’s House Church:


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