Homemade Plaster for Fractures

When we fracture or broke our bone, the doctors cover the area with a plaster band. This is made to make the bones join in its natural self-healing process.  These plaster bands are made in different form. Let me share the way how we can do at our home.

Warning: Though you can learn to make a plaster, leave joining the bone exactly to your doctor. Knowing this could help in someway I believe.

Now to prepare it we need medical dressing cloth to the length that would cover the broken area, few eggs and a hand full of Tamarind seeds.

First we have to powder or grind the tamarind seed and set it aside. And then, separate the white yoke liquid from the eggs and then, add this white yoke to the tamarind powder with a little water and make it like a paste. So once we made the paste ready take the medical dressing cloth and bind the damaged area (done by the doctor). Then apply the paste over the cloth all around the dressing area and allow it to dry. Now wait for a few minutes, when the paste  dried up the plaster is well setup and ready ro help the natural healing process of the body.




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