Liquid food for Vomit & Dysentery

When someone is affected with food poisoning when their intestine is infected as a result. He/She could be vomiting even when they drink a sip of water and could also be having severe diarrhea/dysentery. In such situation the person will feel weak without energy. We would be planning to get to our doctor for some medication and, its a good one. But before that a home remedy would help to strengthen the weak person.

Procedure: Take a handful of white rice/rice and fry it lightly in a pan and grind it to power soft.  Now take some water in a vessel and boil it well add 3:1 ration(ie 3 times water with the powder). So when the water boils well, add this grind powder along with the necessary salt needed if applicable.


  • Person will not vomits as he does while drinking water
  • Its an energy booster for such situations without any side-effects



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