The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus of Pisces Age


The Aquarian Age Gospel of Jesus of Pisces Age is a book written or transcribed by Levi H. Dowling who was a Pastor even at the age of 18, a doctor, a chaplain. Out of God’s call He has transcribed this book from the Book of Remembrance of God Himself. In this Book of Remembrance or the “nano atom (the smallest form of atom)” our every thought and actions are recorded  automatically in this realm we live. This book will show or testifies on our deeds of good and bad in the day of Judgment.

The Contradictory View

The content in this book portrays Jesus “one of the Triune God” lived as an extreme human who put His faith in Father-God and equipped Himself with knowledge of Spiritual reality and on other scriptures available in His time to become our role model of this Life. Things happened to all men happened to Him but He was tested and tempted but He claimed victory in all the temptations. The teachings on spiritual matters and the visions about the Zodiac and Ages in this books co-relate with both the Book of Revelations to John Part 1 and Part 2 which is a part of New testament Apocryphal collection of Books.

I was able to connect the dots of my life experience on studies of different stuffs which helped me understand Christ in me and His works through me. I oblige you to read this book with faith and without criticism that you may get great revelations in simple verses of this Book.

I now understand fall of Man at Eden, and the purpose of “The Christ’s” Sacrifice and Redemption and the overall plan of God more than ever. I recommend you to do the same, if you are interested to be inspired to know how Jesus as a Man disappeared among the angered multitudes of people.

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