Triune Love – The Path to Heaven


The real path that will lead to heaven is been taught and forgotten alongside the teaching. For the concept or idea itself doesn’t seems possible in our practical life concept. But if you want to have a space at heaven better understand the law that will show you the narrow path to heaven itself.

It’s the Triune love. Wow! I have said it but does it make sense. Yea of course, the same blah! blah! blah! that church priests, missionaries and other such individuals shared us for centuries.  It seems like an old deal. No, it’s not.

We humans as a spiritual being have an inner compass that detects the path when we practice the Triune Live. Hey! did I say spiritual beings? Yes, the same old stuff. But it’s true and that’s the reason it has traveled to you for many centuries feom human history. Like even the missing Life if Jesus from 12 – 30 age is revealed by God himself in the book “The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ of Pisces Age”.

You said some compass in humans?

Oh yes, we humans like having some senses to fulfill our need by nature, like getting more like minded people and friends in our life for our comfort zone. And this is the same here when we practice the Triune Love the inner compass or magnet I will call will guide you or attracted things to get you align with God’s chosen path for you.

You could say, I have accepted Jesus my personal Saviour and so I will go to heaven. Is that all to qualify you to enter heaven? I believe not, for Jesus himself told the one who practice my teaching is the one that will enter the kingdom of Father-God.

So better open yourself  for better understanding on Triune Love which we will learn in next series link updated asap HERE




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