How God will Test You in dreams!

We all know by  experience that God tests us before He gives some important things like a big position in society, or financial overflow etc. He does that to make us qualified to enjoy His blessings and be fruitful. This testing will be mostly like some strange situations or happenings that will bring the real stuff within us. But most of us not even try to understand the other ways God use to test us. I like to share a specific way you would be tested if you were very alert in your day-to-day works.

“You will be tested in your dreams” Shocked? yes, its true. God does not just use dreams to communicate, He will also use dreams to test you to check how far you are ready for the next level in His awesome plan He has for you. For in your sleeping state the real you will be reacting to all the scenarios that be shown to you. Your personality growth can be analyzed throw a series of given dream patterns that will expose your inner growth. So being truthful in yourself in your spiritual life is more important. For man sees the face but God sees your heart. Be truthful to yourself, so that you can be your real self even in the deepest level of dreams prove your worth and the inner growth of the soul so that God can disclose you His secrets.

Not every secrets disclosed to you has to be shared with others. Jesus didn’t shared all the secrets with the public but with His inner most disciple group. So that the secrets can survive for long to reach the next generation in its pure context. Unlike the four gospels edited multiple times by group of priests for men’s selfish motives, leading Christian world to several denominations and selfish life. In fact the whole life and teachings of Jesus is the purest form of spiritual awakening of men for every individual to turn to God as Jesus Himself not like slaving ourselves as the Evangelists proclaimed for centuries. Jesus made clear that, God is our Father and we are His sons or heirs but not slaves. He also gave the map to heaven to John in the first Book of Revelations which meaning is taken in its literary sense for almost two thousand years. But the real meaning of the Book of John’s revelation is hidden inside Jewish traditions.

Be truthful to yourself in discipline your mind and body so that your character will be the same in both conscious (awake)  and unconscious (sleep or in vision mode) conditions. In this way you become trustworthy of knowing and handling God’s secrets.




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