The Three Foundations of Christian Living


A level of complete confidence along with the knowledge from experience. This confidence will make the expected things to manifest in reality which are unseen earlier in the physical realm or world. eg: Mathew 9:20, the woman who touched Jesus’ cloak or coat got healed. This faith is born in our heart, not the physical one that pumps blood but that in the Spirit Man inside you. And this happens only if “Love” resides in you towards planned outcome.


It is a personal expectation towards something to be fulfilled for our own reasons. Many a times hoped to visit some places but didn’t happened as he Hoped. And again the deep source for the Hope to show up is love, of self or other.
The Love we talked till now is the love that has been mixed in our EGO or SELF. But what we are up to know below is the Love that Jesus Talked about, love for others ie., putting others first. This doesn’t happen just like that. We have to commit Our Self to attain it.


An expression of a relation we like to have with someone or something.

This Pure form of Love has its own qualities as mentioned in 1 Corinth13: 4-7. There are different emotions we humans named as Love. Justify if those emotions or feelings has the same qualities mentioned in 1 Corinth13: 4-7 in the Bible. If they have them then It’s pure love. This love emerges out of your heart in your spirit. And when you feel and express that pure Love, a river will flow from your heart, a river that will quench the thirst of the souls that are weary, the souls that seeks rest in this world. This river of love will build Faith, a faith that will   make you do the impossible things as mentioned by Jesus, “you will do more miracles than I have done”

We think it is hard to acquire the complete qualities of Pure Love. Yes, it is, in order to conceive pure love in us our sheep the “Ego” or ”Self” in us has to be slaughtered. This slaughtering of our ego is a long journey. But when our ego/self is slaughtered, the Great King will qualify and ordain us the heir to open the 7 sealed book and will share His secrets & Will for your life & of others. And then, you can boldly proclaim, “I do not do things of my own, but of my father’s in heaven”.

With Faith, we can move Mountains. With Hope we can make stubborn heart to melt. But with pure love in our hearts we will become the “Son of Man” ie; real Man made in the image of God or the Sons of the Kingdom, these are the sons expected by the entire creation looking forward to get restored its Glory when God created it.

So out of Faith, Hope and Love, prefer love. Love – a tool simple, soft and seems tiny but it’s the little key to the door that holds the kingdom we seek for.





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