About Me

I am Shiyam George, born as the eldest son in a Catholic Family. We at the Church taught strict disciplines, prayers and certain modules to live as a Catholic Christian to withhold the Church Community when we become grownups. But from my young age I had this urge to know more about God and His Powers. I use to imagine, the power of God to be like in the old magic films I use to see. They use to say me that, God sits in Heaven and He is always watching you constantly and if you do any mischief, He will punish you. I always wanted to catch this God red-hand who always peeking over my personal life, I was in my primary school then. So when I walk I suddenly look into the cloud to find His eyes watching me. I never had found it or caught him red-handed. Apart from it I had interest to know what in the outer space and how things in the universe work and want to know more how do angels look like. For I have seen mere spirits with my naked eyes when I was 6 yrs old.

I never asked the question or shared my thoughts with anyone in my family simply because I don’t know the basics that, YOU HAVE TO ASK TO GET what you want. So years passed, I was sent to Boarding school for my studies since I was a kind of ferocious type like my father, that what they say when I was angry. I was away from my family for about 14 years for my studies with yearly once or twice visiting my family. I was all alone asking this peeking God for help to get out of my loneliness in Hostel. He didn’t answered ūüôĀ

Later in my Higher Secondary days I accepted Christ through BYM Bro. Stanley at Sitheri Hills Camp Jan 15 2001. Yes, I saw Him on the Cross, I saw His face toiled as fore told by Isaiah. He opened good opportunities to quench my thirst of knowing Him. And the urge of knowing the universe from my young days came back. God guided me nearly for 12 yrs for now in those areas. I read Mythologies, certain Religion and their scriptures, mystical arts scripts and about their practices, about ancient civilization’s before Noah who tried¬†certain cults for entering the God’s Kingdom. Oh yes, they tried. ¬†But All I learnt or read only led me to know Christ the Jesus in All His Glory and Power, and also about the Gospel He left for us to bring the Kingdom of God in the earth we live now.

Earlier I wondered why such tragical things happened to me alone, to leave my family at an young age, cause I have an younger and a ¬†sister, and why I haven’t answered for help in my loneliness at the Boarding School. You know I got it now, when people says to me about wondering certain qualities in me which I never used to be noticed myself. I thank God for all those tragedies which made me a better person for myself and the people around me. Of course, I have my part of upgrading within me, but still I enjoy Life in Christ with the part He has completed already for me.

Now, All I do is, just sit tight and enjoy the sweetest flavor of Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christian Delight a long forgotten promise came true. I believe this website will gather and help the Christian community to support each other in both Spiritual and Materialistic prosperity to glorify our Father-God.

Shiyam George